We had a good weekend over here! So good that I took 0 pictures, but here’s a quick recap. 

I’ll start with Thursday night. A friend and I organized a “girls night out” for a group of younger expat ladies, some new to Antwerp, some old. And I say younger only because a ton of my friends here are more around my mom’s age, but this group ranged from 25 to 37 years old. There was six of us at dinner, and a few more joined for a drink after dinner. It was a great night! And I discovered an adorable restaurant right around the corner that Garrett and I have been dying to try. I can’t wait to take him back for a date night. I also bonded with some new friends! It’s so important to get out of the house and into the world, especially when you’re an “expat spouse” and don’t have the social outlet that an office setting brings. I think everyone appreciated a night out.

Friday night Garrett and I took it easy. We are obsessed with the show “Breaking Bad” right now and have been watching several episodes on i-tunes in one sitting. So Friday we ate pasta, watched TV, and went to bed. Saturday after the rain subsided, we ran eleven miles. Eleven miles is not fun… don’t let anyone kid you. The good news is just two more weeks until the half marathon!

Sunday we had plans for a football party at our place with friends. In total, there were ten of us. I made a huge pot of chicken chili Saturday night in preparation. The recipe is from a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook my mom gave me last Christmas. I love this book! It is so good for entertaining and helps me get so many ideas. I also love Ina Garten, so I’m a little bias. To go with the chili, I made green chili cheddar corn bread which everyone went crazy over (I had several guests who are also from the South). For dessert I set out some simple brownies with a carton of vanilla ice-cream and let everyone serve themselves. The evening was casual (we stood up eating, or sat on the couch for the game) and just a lot of fun. I usually do a sit down dinner when we have people over, but I particularly enjoyed this easy and relaxed set up!

In other news, I have officially joined the Board of the American Women’s Club as the Hospitality Director. I am sharing the role with a good friend, which of course takes the pressure off. I’m looking forward to getting more involved though and joining in on the Board Meetings. Another exciting tidbit of news, Garrett and I are seriously considering buying our friends’ car. Their moving back to the UK and getting rid of some things. This could be a total game changer for us! I’ll keep you posted.

Another week into October! Garrett’s brother comes back from traveling this Friday. We haven’t figured out exactly what we are doing with him over the weekend, but Garrett took Monday off and we’ve rented a car for the three days. The weather has been amazingly fall-like lately with temps around 60 F, and for today, sunny skies! I’ve got two pumpkins sitting on my kitchen table ready for use, I’m thinking pumpkin bread