I wrote this post two weeks ago and never actually posted it! I’m still posting it now only because there are some great recipe links in here that we tried and loved. And a little 10k race recap:

I was pretty lazy on the meal front last week, so by the time Friday rolled around I was ready to actually make something and be creative. I was going to make my own torellini and do a version of this recipe, but stuffed with a pumpkin puree. Then I found organic spinach and ricotta tortellini for a good price at the grocery store, and I decided that was a better plan. I diced a butternut squash in tiny cubes and roasted them in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper and nutmeg. I browned about a Tbs of butter in a pan, along with a Tbs of olive oil and gently sautéed two cloves of chopped garlic and a handful of torn sage leaves. Once the tortellini was cooked, I reserved about a cup of the starchy liquid and added the pasta to the sauté pan. I threw the butternut squash in there too, and added about 1/4 cup of pasta water. Toss it all around, and finish with lots of parmesan cheese. I wish I had a picture… it was delicious.

Saturday Garrett went for a run and I went to the gym. Afterwards we planned on going to the market because it was a beautiful fall day, but instead we stayed inside and made bagels. I had hoped these would turn out better than my first attempt, but I’m still using the wrong flour. I keep wanting to make mine whole wheat, so I’m using whole wheat bread flour. Next time I’m buying regular, white bread flour. That is if I can find it… None the less, the bagels might not look pretty but they taste good. For dinner, I made this. Yuummmm.

Yes, we were carb loading for two days. Sunday we ran in a 10k that started at 3:15pm. The races start so late here! We took a 15 minute train out to Mechelen and arrived at the race site around 2pm. The weather was overcast, with an occasional spritz of rain and probably in the high 50s. Not the best for waiting around to start a race. The time moved quickly though and soon enough we were lining up at the starting point.

This race went really well for me! It was only my second race ever, but it felt so much better than the last 10k we did a few months back. The cool weather was much more comfortable than the blazing sun we had last race. It rained for maybe five minutes during the race but I barely noticed it. The setting was also nice, we ran along a narrow path through a bunch of cow fields. It felt like we were out in the country. The only problem with the narrow paths was trying to get around people, but I guess you deal with that during any race with a lot of people? Anyway, the last mile or so took us into the center of Mechelen and before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line. The official times come out tomorrow, but according to my watch I ran it in 50 minutes flat 49:57. I’m happy with that! Garrett did 42 minutes, naturally.

Maybe the best part about the finish of the race was we only had to take a fifteen minute train ride home. Oh! And the fact that I put pork in the slow cooker before we left that morning. I made this. And turned it into pulled pork tacos. We conveniently had part of a pork roast in our freezer than I thawed out the night before. The tacos were great. the pork was a little sweet because of the peaches, but didn’t resemble a barbecue sauce really. More of a mix between tomato and barbecue. Delicious.

What’s on tap for this week… today I get the pleasure of going to town hall to finish up the renewal of my Belgium residence card. I have two days to clean up the house before Garrett’s brother Mike gets here. And Friday at the crack of dawn we leave for Munich!

Edited later: Town Hall went well, besides waiting for over an hour in a crowded room full of screaming/crying kids. Mike arrived in one piece and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner out at our favorite, Fiskebar.

Oktoberfest recap to come!