I was not prepared for baby jet lag coming back from the U.S. I knew we would have an adjustment period, but I forgot what real sleep deprivation feels like. Needless to say, we did not sleep for several nights in a row. Hayden was up at all times of the night, alert and confused as to why mom and dad were trying to put her to sleep! Last week, we were back on Belgium time. Thank God. IMG_0120

What has changed is Hayden’s schedule. She’s taking a late nap now and going to bed more like 8 or 9pm. Initially, I fought this transition because I so enjoyed putting her down at 6pm and having that time alone with Garrett. I think she just doesn’t need as much sleep as she use to. She’s still sleeping in until a little after 8am. I’m sure we could get her to bed earlier if we woke her earlier, but I enjoy my sleep too. Still taking around 4 cat naps a day. Anyway, I know everything will change again as soon as I type this. I’m trying to follow her cues rather than stick to such a strict schedule with her.IMG_0117

For our last year in Europe, Garrett and I set a goal to visit at least one new place a month. Saturday we took a little day trip to Breda, Holland. It’s only 40 minutes away, but we thought we would start small with Hayden. She’s still not a huge fan of her car seat unless she’s sleeping, or her stroller for that matter. She is enjoying the baby bjorn now that she can face outwards. We spent a few hours walking around the city. It’s been a mild winter so far so it’s perfect for being outdoors. More than anything, it was just nice to do something different. IMG_0119

I’ve been feeling like my week days at home with Hayden are getting a little monotonous and isolating. We get out for walks, but I don’t have much social interaction anymore. I’m hoping to change this, which will require some bravery on my part. I’ve also been thinking about running again. I need something that I do for just me, in the past that was running. I also really need some time away, even if it’s for thirty minutes on the weekend when Garrett is home. I’m hoping going for a run on Sunday can be a good recharge for the week ahead.