Well… sort of. I guess the real end of the era will come when we leave Antwerp. But, leaving our apartment feels like the start of a wonderful chapter coming to an end. IMG_1127

This is the apartment we pretty much started our married life in. This is where we  stuck our claim on Antwerp, and this neighborhood in “de zuid” became our home. These bakeries, bars, shops, restaurants, and the people of them welcomed us (mostly) and made a foreign city comfortable and familiar. I will miss our little corner here.P1010001

This is the kitchen where I taught myself how to cook. I mean really cook, not just bake chicken, steam veggies and throw together salads. This is where I found inspiration, drive and passion when I was feeling that void after leaving a job. This is where we entertained countless guests, threw many dinner parties and even hosted two Thanksgivings!IMG_1738

This is where we stayed up late drinking beer on our terrace with friends or family in town. This is where we sipped wine, just us two, chatting about life and getting excited about our future.IMG_0760

This is where we brought home our baby girl. Our first child, the love of our lives. This is where my mom set up her nursery and made a rental apartment feel like home.IMG_0016 This is, perhaps, where we became adults?IMG_0051

And so while we aren’t leaving Antwerp yet (can’t imagine how sentimental I’ll get then!) we are leaving somewhere very special to me. But, onward we march! On to the next little chapter and a great new place for our last days in this fantastic city. For now, I’m lucky to still call Antwerp my home.

And a few more pics to remember Kronenburgstraat 27. IMG_0532

IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0047 IMG_0528 IMG_0526 IMG_1121