We’ve made it to the weekend! Despite having a minor meltdown once this week (crazy mom hormones) it’s bee a pretty good week complete with some little accomplishments.  Lets celebrate the small things!

I finally returned to my Wednesday coffee group after a long hiatus. The last time I went was when I could count on Hayden sleeping in her stroller. I knew that would not be the case this time, so we set out after her morning nap. I strapped her into the baby bjorn for the walk over, my back must be getting very strong since this is her preferred method of transportation these days. Anyway, it all went so well! The ladies passed her around, giving me a much welcomed break, and she was happy as a clam for the entire hour. Another benefit, she was exhausted and ready for a nap by the time we got home. 69293_10151945469096849_475318507_n

On the sleep front, Hayden went a 7 hour stretch one night, followed by an 8 hour stretch the next night, and then a (drumroll please) 9 hour stretch the following night! I couldn’t believe it. Getting her down to bed is still a production but once she’s out, she’s out for a while. Counting my blessings now.

She also rolled over from her back onto her stomach this week. I’m not sure if the roll was intentional, she was laying on a pillow and I turned by back for one second, and there she was on all fours. She didn’t even cry! I think she was a little shell shocked, as was I. I need to start watching this little lady more closely, she’s becoming quite active.

And finally, I went for my first run this morning in over a year. I was expecting to be pretty disappointed with myself, but I ran the entire 3 miles without stopping to walk. And it wasn’t even that bad. I was slow, yes, but I did it. I feel like I got a little piece of me back.

Last night we had a friend over for dinner and stayed up until a whopping 11pm! I made The Barefoot Contessa’s Penne alla Vodka from my new cookbook. Oh my gosh, definitely a keeper, it was delicious. I still love, love, love to cook and entertain and I’m glad we are getting to do these things even with our recent lifestyle change (aka – a baby). Especially since going out to eat is kind of out of the question right now. I would love to find a babysitter soon, but I’m not in a rush either. All in due time.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend!