We were kind of walking zombies this weekend, but we had a pretty good one regardless!

Saturday we ventured out to the market. It’s been forever since we went. It’s only a short walk from us, and the weather this winter has been so mild that we really need to get out and take advantage of it.IMG_0162

It’s funny, I remember when we first moved here being so timid to buy stuff at the market. I guess I was worried about talking to the vendors and not knowing Flemish? Silly me, the market is full of tourists, and everyone speaks English anyway. It’s also pretty much just and point and nod situation. We will definitely be trying to make more market trips before we head back to the U.S.

A few weeks ago I hosted an American Women’s Club meeting. The speaker was a health/nutritionalist expert who spoke about diet and overall healthy living. I don’t know if the talk inspired me, but since then we’ve made a few changes in our diet. Limiting dairy being a huge one, also cutting sugar, meat and gluten. By no means are we eliminating anything, but we’re focusing on a more plant based, whole foods diet.

Honestly, these changes don’t have much to do with weight. I’m lucky that nursing really eats up a lot of calories and I’ve been able to get back to pre-baby weight quickly and maintain it fairly easily. Plus, we go on lots of long walks. This is more about paying attention to what fuels our body, and healthy longevity. We are typically good eaters anyway, so the tweaks we’ve made aren’t huge.

Another reason we’re switching up our diet is Garrett has been battling a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis, similar to psoriasis, since college. He can use a prescribed cream to get rid of it, but that’s only a temporary solution. A lot of the research we’ve found talks about switching up what you eat to prevent the flare ups all together. So, he’s starting to experiment with small changes in diet and using other natural remedies rather than expensive creams.

The biggest changes I’ve made is really limiting dairy. I use to snack on cheese and crackers almost every afternoon, and I always put cheese on my sandwiches and salads. I’m eating raw nuts and dried fruit for an afternoon pick me up (we bought a ton of nuts and dried fruit at the market). Preparing more vegetarian meals, eating more salads for lunch, and cutting out sweets (I have dark chocolate when I want to satisfy my sweet tooth). We still made pizza on Friday, and I won’t hesitate to order steak at a great steak house, but it’s more about daily consumption and habits. So far, I feel really great with these changes! And I’m not mad at the few pounds I’ve lost either.

And last tid bits from the weekend, Hayden rolled over both ways! First, from back to tummy while I was watching her on the monitor in her crib (obviously, swaddling is ┬ácompletely out). And then, the next day from tummy to back during tummy time! The other huge thing is that we’re going on day 4 of sleep training with her. We are using the methods from the Sleep Easy Solutions book, and while I don’t want to get into this until the week is over, I can already tell you that it’s changing our lives. More on that soon!