1. Have you guys seen this video? So stinkin cute. These kids are way cooler than I ever was.

2. This low-fat banana bread is awesome. I made two loaves for the pillow party and Garrett and I have been happily enjoying the left overs.

3. These tips would have been helpful in my last move.

4. I just inherited a slow cooker from our friend moving back to the States. This recipe may be the first on my list, if and when the weather starts to resemble summer around here.

5. If I were home for Mother’s Day, I would definitely make my mom brunch.

6. And maybe a batch of these.

7. This is my idea of a waking up to perfection.

8. I’ll also settle for this.

9. I’ve incorporated these moves into my workouts this week.

10. Speaking of workouts. I always find great circuit workouts on this blog. Like this one!

11. And just for something to drool over. I mean, seriously?

Even the cat is mesmerized…

Happy Weekend Everyone!