Since getting pregnant way back in January of 2013, the time I have spent googling things is embarrassing. And it only got worse when I became a mom. It’s safe to say that I’m driving Garrett crazy with my, “Well, they say‚Ķ” explanations, since we both know that “they” is my good friend, the internet.

Never the less, thank God for google. Otherwise, how would I know about things like the four month sleep regression and Wonder Weeks? For crying out loud, I can’t keep up with all this stuff. And somehow our mothers and their mothers survived without this knowledge.


And so it appears, according the my sources, that we’re in the midst of the four month sleep regression and wonder week 19. Try to google that if you’re actually interested. Basically, for the last two weeks (or more) Hayden’s naps have been short or nonexistent and just recently we are having a hell of a time getting her down for bed. I’m talking HOURS of rocking and soothing, pick up, put down, let her cry a little, go back in, nurse, nurse, and nurse some more. It is exhausting.

The only thing that comforts me during this time, besides that at least I’m not doing it alone, is that google tells me that this is a developmental stage that will pass. She is learning new things and her growing little brain just cannot shut down so easy. I’m told, just around the corner is a baby who will roll over, crawl, and sit up on her own, be happy all the time, and probably fly to the moon as well. :o)

So until then, we are shushing and rocking and letting her have a little cry. Taking long walks in the stroller so she can go down for naps without the fight. Returning to eating some dinners in shifts and enjoying a much needed glass of wine at the end of the day. God grant us patience and humor in these trying weeks!

Ps – Right now she is going on a stellar almost two hour nap. Hasn’t happened in over two months. And while she isn’t going down easy at night, at least she is sleeping in until almost 10am each morning. Maybe I should wake her, but I figure she needs her sleep (frankly, so do I). So, things could be much worse.