I know everyone says that time flies and babies grow up so fast. On the one hand, I cannot believe Hayden will already be 6 months old next week. On the other hand, those first few days in the hospital with her seem like forever ago.

IMG_0031IMG_0038I mean, look at her now in comparison to then!IMG_0197
What a difference!

What’s new with Hayden: Girlfriend definitely figured out her hands. She is into grabbing everything! Hair, noses, the glasses on your face, the cup of water in your hand, the sleeve of your sweater, the collar on your shirt, normal things like toys, hanging mobiles… pretty much anything within arms reach. She is curious and interested in it all. Lately, she’s really into examining faces. It’s pretty adorable, but I have to remember to keep her nails trimmed!

We’re also going through a vocal phase. Hayden loves to hear herself squeal, the higher the pitch, the better. She gets a total kick out of it. She’s also very amused with her reflection in the mirror, and ours. We spend a lot of time singing, dancing and talking to our own reflections. It’s a nut house around here, anything for a few giggles.

Hayden loves being on her tummy. She’s gone to sleeping on her stomach full-time. When we lay her on her back, whether for bed or to play, it’s inevitable that she’ll roll over. She has really started to extend her arms and lift her torso off the ground. She does this move we call “super baby” where she lifts her legs, head and arms and balances on her belly. Not crawling yet, but definitely wanting to move! And, to sit up. When she’s on her back, she strains to get her head off the ground, like she’s doing abdominal exercises. She can’t quite get the momentum to sit up on her own, but she loves when we grab her hands and pull her up onto her feet.

Hayden cut her first tooth last week! That would explain all the drooling, gnawing and suckling. Could be to blame for some whiney days and rough nights too? I have a feeling another one is on its way very soon.

This weekend we will start experimenting with solids! I am so excited to see how Hayden reacts to her first taste of food. The nurse recommended starting with pureed vegetables in the mid morning and pureed fruit in the late afternoon. I’m thinking sweet potatoes and maybe banana? I’ll have to look at my list of foods that are okay for this age. We’ll see if she actually keeps anything down, but I can’t wait to give it a try! Pictures to come, of course.

It’s been a really fun age. I think month 4 to 6 has been a period of huge developmental growth for Hayden. Our baby has turned into this little person with a personality! No longer just a helpless newborn. It’s so much fun watching her come into her own and discover new things. Tomorrow my mom gets here and I can’t wait for her to experience all these wonderful moments with Hayden that you can’t get from video chats. Lots of belly laughs, gummy smiles and baby cuddles are being saved just for Nonie!