Today was tough. Another horrendous night of sleep followed by a day of terrible naps. Just when I thought we were out of the woods…

And I just want to say that this mom gig is no walk in the park! I find that so many moms just express the joys of motherhood, and while it is joyful, it is also frustrating and exhausting some days, or heck, even some weeks.

Today I broke down and cried and called my mom who offered me some really encouraging words. The most encouraging? Hearing that she remembers feeling the exact same way. That’s all I really wanted to hear, that and that I’m doing my best and I’m a good mom.

So, for my mom friends, lets not kid one another. Everyday is not sunshine. Some days, we feel like total failures. But, we do our best and we hope for a better day tomorrow. And if you need some encouraging words, I’m here to tell you that you are wonderful, wonderful mothers! I  am only beginning to realize how hard this job is, and  I have the utmost respect for all my mom friends and family members. You are outstanding human beings who all deserve gold medals.

And now for that glass of wine.