So, I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks but have been choosing to do things like shower, hang with Garrett, watch TV, browse the Web, etc. in the rare moments/hours/minutes that I get to myself. But, a lot has been going on…AGAIN!

Last weekend we had one of my best friends come visit us from London. What a treat it is to have her on this side of the world with me. She brought Hayden all sorts of goodies, and Easter candy for us, which has become my nemesis this week. :o)IMG_0228

In usual Bruno fashion, we hosted Easter dinner. We had two of our best friends in town from Garrett’s work, so they joined in the festivities. Slow roasted leg of lamb with loads of garlic and rosemary (crock pot style), crispy roasted potatoes with bacon, and green beans with slivered almonds were on the menu. And a massive homemade carrot cake at the end. A good time was had by all!

We’ve all been fighting colds for the last week and a half, but I think we’re getting over it. Recovery time is a lot longer when you don’t exactly get to rest. But, last night Hayden had one of her best nights of sleep in FOREEEVER. Feeling very grateful for that! Not holding my breath though.

And on to more about Hayden. Two teeth, possibly more coming soon. She has had quite the social calendar this month and has been happy being passed around and doted on. We’ve also started attending a parent/child group so she can interact with some other babies. And for me, it’s great to meet other moms!

She will be 7 months old next week. She really does seem like a little person to me now. Not to mention that she is growing, and I am feeling that in my back! She can’t quite decide whether she’s a serious baby, or a super silly one. Some days all she does is smile and laugh, other days she is very focussed and serious about any object or person in front of her. One thing is for sure, she is all about discovery: toys, her toes, household items, how to move her body. She is into everything! And once this kid is mobile, game over. We are going to be prying things out of her mouth and chasing her all over town.

She is getting much better at independent play (depending on the level of crankiness that day) and will sit in her baby Einstein saucer twirling around and pressing buttons. But give her an ounce of your attention, and she will milk you for all you’re worth! She would much rather play with mom and dad than be left to her own devices. Her current favorites: grabbing faces, making blowing sounds with her mouth, picking up everything on the counter, being tickled, rolling over onto all fours.

IMG_0216 IMG_0217

Solid food is going better. She hates being strapped into her seat, so I have taken to feeding her while she’s strapped onto me, facing out in the baby bjorn. We’re trying to do purees twice a day, but she’s usually only interested around 5pm. So far, all she likes is fruit! That and baby rice cereal mixed with breast milk. I cannot get a vegetable in her to save my life. So, we’ll keep trying…

I won’t comment on sleep because that ALWAYS changes. As soon as I write something about her current schedule, that changes too. So, I’m not touching that one.

Okay, and on to other things. In one week we move into our new apartment. In three weeks, I am FINALLY going for a ladies night out. Maybe before that, Garrett and I will actually go on a date that doesn’t involve me cooking and us lighting candles in our own dining room. And in four weeks… ITALYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Can’t say I’m not excited about that one!